Our company

Stronglight was created in 1906 by Achille Haubtmann in the Saint-Etienne region, with the aim of manufacturing cycle components.

Stronglight is still one of the main European manufacturers of components and spare parts for the cycle industry. After having developed renowned brands such as Solida or Stronglight, equipped famous cyclists, the company is still among the main European manufacturers of components and spare parts for the cycle industry. Stronglight employs 60 people on the Saint-Etienne site in France.

For more than a century, we have developed our skills in the forging, cutting and machining of metals and more particularly aluminum. Indeed Stronglight distinguished itself before the middle of the 20th century by the use of this strong and light metal, but still recent in the industry. Thanks to our strong capacity for innovation, our company is positioned among the leading manufacturers of chainrings, cranksets, headsets and bottom brackets.

Alongside our traditional skills applied to transmission, in 2008 we created a components center by taking over the manufacturing of plastic mudguards from the Canyon company. Stronglight’s experience has made it possible to complete this range with the production of aluminum mudguards.

And by extension we are now developing luggage carriers that fit with our mudguards.

We have therefore equipped ourselves with a wide range which allows us to cover all the needs of the cycle market. We are present on the OEM market where we supply European manufacturers. And also in the After Market where we are established throughout Europe and beyond, through a large network of distributors.

We defend a high-end product positioning, particularly with our exclusive top finishes Ceramic-Teflon (CT²) or Titanium Oxide electro-ceramic (HT3) coatings.